SEO Service Prices


SEO Service Prices

SEO Basic Web Exposure Package $299.00 month

1-5 keywords

SEO Starter Business Exposure Package $499.00 month

1-10 keywords

SEO Boost Web Exposure Package $799.00 month

1-20 keywords

SEO Power Web Exposure Package $999.00 month

1-30 keywords

Professional SEO Services included in your marketing package.


An SEO Account Manager will work on your Website independently and will personally take charge of all the website activities performed regarding your Search engine optimization campaign. We will communicate with you efficiently regarding keywords, webpage questions, and SEO reporting activities within your search engine optimization campaign. Campaigns should last at least 6 months or more, depending on competition. Having an Independent SEO Account Manager is our way of saying that we mean business and your money will be treated as our own.

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